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      Dear Partner,


      Calgon Carbon believes that nothing is more important than the health and safety of our employees, customers, suppliers, and neighbors.


      Calgon Carbon has implemented its crisis management and communications protocol to monitor COVID-19 and its potential impacts on our employees and our business practices. We are also working closely with our suppliers and our supply chain to avoid disruption in the delivery of the products and services that customers rely on to clean their air and water.


      To this end, we have:


      Broadened our already existing travel restrictions;


      Established aggressive health and safety protocols at our manufacturing and office facilities, and within our field services organization


      Have created a work-from-home schedule for our largest offices to practice social distancing and to eliminate large gatherings in response to recommendations from the WHO, CDC, and Federal/State/Local governments



      Eliminated all non-critical meetings, and have encouraged teleconferencing instead


      Requested all employees take extra precautions to keep themselves safe and healthy


      Implemented formal communication and protocol for anyone who suspects they may have been in close contact with an infected person(s)


      Implemented formal procedures to identify and respond to employee illness, which includes our intention to notify customers or stakeholders of any known situation that has the potential to impact their business operations or employee health.


      We continue to closely monitor the potential impact of the virus on our employees, customers, and operations. If there are any developments that would alter our ability to supply products or services, we will notify you promptly.

      我们将继续密切监视该病毒对我们的员工,客户和运营的潜在影响。 如果有任何发展会改变我们提供产品或服务的能力,我们将立即通知您。

      This situation will continue to develop, and so will Calgon Carbon’s efforts to maintain health and safety and business continuation.



      韩国 欧美 日产 国产 AV